What is Personalization?

  • Personalization refers to lines of copy that change between units.
  • For example, if a plaque has 10 lines of copy, and only 1 line is unique on each plaque, that is only 1 line of personalization. 


Personalization Requirements

  • All personalization text must be in a format that can be copy and pasted. In the alternative, typesetting fees apply, minimum $20 (G).
  • Any order of more than 10 personalized items will require an excel spreadsheet formatted exactly as you want the names to appear on the items (one line per column, upper and lower case accurate). 

  • Download our template here File:Microsoft Excel 2013 logo.svg - Wikimedia Commons

  • Only use fonts that you have a TrueType format font file available for. If we do not have the font, we will request the font file. If you do not have it, we will have to change to a font that we have available.  
  • If you are submitting full artwork for each personalized item, it must be in one file. One file per item will not be accepted.  We will request the artwork be consolidated into one file and resubmitted.  Please talk to us before setting up your file so we can avoid rework.


Keep it Simple!

  • Submit all artwork with text in text format, not objects, for easier editing on your order and any reorders.
  • Our preference is that one master template be provided along with an Excel spreadsheet for personalization.  We will generate the individual personalized layouts and send a proof.