Wine hot right now

  • Jun 15, 2018

When they first came out, my response was, "Really?  A metal wine glass?".  Now that I have a collection of my own, I have seen the light.  They are awesome.  I've always liked stemless wine glasses at home because they are couch friendly.  I use them for water, wine, iced lattes on the weekend, pretty much anything.  I can park one between my knees and it's pretty safe, as long as I don't get dive bombed by my cat or tackled by my 4-year-old.  

These Polar Camel wine glasses take the stemless concept to another level - a lid! and pretty colors to boot.  The lid is great for temperature regulation and keeping your drink from spilling while on the boat.  It also helps keep things out of your drink - like sand and surf when you're on the beach, or insects and pollen when you're enjoying a casual barbecue.

The double wall insulated construction means white wine, champagne, iced lattes, cocktails, and smoothies stay cold.  Hot tea or coffee stays hot but the outside of the glass is cool to the touch.  

With 15 colors to choose from, this is a gift that works for any brand, and will be well used by the recipient.  From weddings, to universities, lifestyle brands, gift shops, and of course the company picnic, we've seen these used for a wide variety of occasions to keep branding front and center.  

Choose your favorite color and try one today for a self promo or thank you gift for your top clients.  


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