Have you seen our new PolarFlask?

Sep 05, 2021

Looking for a name brand water bottle on a Polar Camel budget? You're in luck! Our new PolarFlask water bottle hits the sweet spot of quality and value - with features like double wall vacuum i...

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Happy Earth Day!

Apr 22, 2021

On Earth Day, we like to take a moment to consider our impact on the environment, and the little things each of us can do every day to reduce waste and pollution. We believe that individual choice...

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Global mask use

Jul 24, 2020

With numbers like this, masks are everywhere. PPE has taken the industry by storm - how are you getting in on the action? We'd love to hear from you...what do your customers care most about in a ...

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Cheers to Drinkware & NEW Polar Camel 10oz Tumblers!

Mar 07, 2019

About 53% of U.S. consumers own promotional drinkware making tumblers and bottles extremely powerful marketing tools for your clients. “I need a drink!” We’ve all heard it before....

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Wine hot right now

Jun 15, 2018

When they first came out, my response was, "Really? A metal wine glass?". Now that I have a collection of my own, I have seen the light. They are awesome. I've always liked stemless wine glasse...

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